We Start, You Begin! (3rd Position)

Topic- Mom, you’re the best…

Mum, you’re the best. The best fit to my fraying puzzle pieces, the best silk cloth on my wounded skin, the best rhtymic pattern of the waves washing against the stones that calms me, brings me home. And I could only half as dream about ever describing you in words. 

M- Magical, the way your hugs make me feel. Misery,what you hold my hand and stroll me away from. Mirth, you embody it, it trickles through your fingers and seeps into the pores in my soul. 

O- Opaque, for when you shield me from the evils of the world. Oasis, because you give me relief like the soothing water curling through the toes of a man stranded in a dessert, like ginger tea to a parched throat, like the lips of a lover you’ve been separated from. Oxygen, because you’re my elixir to life, life’s impossible without you. 

T- Truth, ringing in your voice as you show to me the sunny gardens and dark alleys of the world. Trust, who else could ever be worthy of it but a mother? Tender, your hands as they cup my face when you shower me with kisses, kisses and wisdom, wisdom and love, love and life. 

H- Heaven, for you’re my God on earth, and if there ever was a heaven, it’d be your arms, that somehow manage to envelope me, even when I grow bigger than you. High, where I soar, but only after stepping on your shoulders as you hold me high above, proudly, for the world to see. Home, for home isn’t a place, a feeling. It’s a person. And home is, where mother is. 

E- Emeralds and rubies, I could shower you with them when I’m able, but still won’t be able to compensate for everything you ever gave me. Emblaze, for the fire you set off in me, the one that makes me want to prove myself and make you proud, so that when you introduce me to someone, you can singsong me and I can blush towards the ground, knowing that you’re happy that I’m your daughter. Endings, for when you taught me that no cause is lost, and that I can always start anew. 

R-Rhythm, for the tune of your words pregnant with love, makes my body sway in the eternal bliss of your motherhood. Risk, something you were taking when you decided to have me, and I’ll be forever grateful for your bravery. Roar, for your fierceness could defy a lioness, as you pace in front of your cubs, ready to attack whoever harms us. 

-Rtr. Saloni Jadhav

Rotaract Club of Ramnarian Ruia College. 

Published by rckceditorial

We are a non-profit organization dedicated towards serving the community, helping individuals in developing their personalities, travelling miles and spreading smiles. Our parent Rotary is the Rotary Club of Bombay Queen City and we fall under the Rotaract District 3141 and currently ranked 2nd best Club across Mumbai.

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