An Unseen Apologue

We all have pretty much heard a lot of tales about the inspiring life of Malala but did you know how everything really started? Well, the Detectives of Team Editorial magnified the little aspects of her life just for you, so sit back as you time-travel into Malala’s world with us. Malala was just anContinue reading “An Unseen Apologue”

The Epistles of Rotaract

Warm Rotaract Greetings! Isn’t that something we’ve been hearing for years now? Well, IPDRR Rtr. Ojas Joshi surely confirmed this in his outgoing speech at the 54th District Assembly and AARA Night. Yes, yes, the detectives of Team Editorial have done their research. We noticed how everyone could not help but let out a chuckleContinue reading “The Epistles of Rotaract”