We start, You begin- Rtr.Shayoni Thakkar

The word feminism makes me think of qahr (wrath) of women, they are volcanic mountains; let their calm shells not fool you. The lava within their hearts is simmering, seething. Boned cages cannot hold them any more. A raging fire which is well-nigh out of control. The word feminism makes me think of justuju (pursuit,Continue reading “We start, You begin- Rtr.Shayoni Thakkar”

We start, You begin- Saailee Rane

The recently released movie ‘Sanju’ portrayed a story of an errant son, leading a psychedelic life, “Jo har fikar ko dhue mein udhata chala gaya”. The prowess of the millennial’s heartthrob, the quintessential screenplay and the exemplary choice of songs was surely going to break the box office record but did this ‘3 hours film’Continue reading “We start, You begin- Saailee Rane”

We start, You begin- Rtr. Saloni Jadhav

I think homosexuality is, in two words- lawfully right. But, is that what the law thinks, just yet?; Baba was an overnight factory worker, Maa’s daal-chawal cooking, the pressure cooker would whistle at 7 PM for the first time waking Baba up. And then thrice more for the rice to cook completely; snooze buttons forContinue reading “We start, You begin- Rtr. Saloni Jadhav”