December summaries 

The Boss Said: The main aim of this event was to inspire rotaractors by daily dose of motivation for a whole month using online means.  The event received support from various other clubs in RID 3141 and RID 3142. Rotaractors were highly inspired and motivated.  Controversies 2.0: This event was successful at achieving its aim.Continue reading “December summaries “

Blogger of the Month Winning Entry! 

​Aishani: Her Birth Is Conventional But Her Story Is Not.  – Rtr. Prasanjeet Devnath, RC Khalsa  She was laying on the ground with her cheeks touching the soil, like a dead body with no movement at all. Her eyes were open, she was breathing, she was breathing very calmly. With a steady face like anContinue reading “Blogger of the Month Winning Entry! “