GBM meeting Minutes

Here are all our GBM meet minutes which were maintnained all through these months GBM 1 MinutesGBM 2 MinutesGBM 3 MinutesGBM 4 MinutesGBM 5 MinutesGBM 6 MinutesGBM 7 MinutesGBM 8 MinutesGBM 9 MinutesGBM 10 MinutesGBM 11 Minutes GBM MEET APRIL 1 GBM MEET APRIL 2 GBM Meet March GBM MEET MAY 1 GBM MEET MAY 2

Our BOD Meets

Minutes of our BOD meets based on the quarterly division are published below : BOD Meet 1 BOD Meet 2 BOD Meet 3 BOD Meet 4 BOD Meet 5 BOD Meet 6 BOD Meet 2 BOD Meet 3 BOD Meet 4 BOD Meet 5 BOD Meet 6 BOD MEET MARCH BOD MEET MAY BOD MeetingContinue reading “Our BOD Meets”

Month of April

1)Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: Through this community service based event we wanted to convey a simple message regarding cleanliness. It’s extremely important to have a clean environment in order to function correctly therefore, we decided to take up this initiative to support our thoughts.2)Let’s Be Honest: We, as Rotaractors have had positive as well as negativeContinue reading “Month of April”