Dil Ki Baat RCKC Ke Saath!!

Miss Geller and Miss Green are here for our favorite readers. We are sure you’ll have missed us this month; here we are. We were on a mission this month. We, the Editors of the club, decided to give our fellow rotaractors a chance to unleash their talent for writing blog content; with a very own initiative, ‘Dil Ki Baat, RCKC Ke Saath!’.

“Use the talents you possess –
For the woods would be a very silent place if no birds sang except for the best.”


There was a lot of excitement about this club when I confirmed my admission to K.C. College, and it was clear that this was the best way to experience college life. I initially thought it was all about having fun. As time went on, I discovered plenty of justifications for joining RCKC. It has aided me in being more outgoing, making new friends, enjoying college life, learning new skills, and doing charitable work.

~ Rtr. Sarah Patrawala

K. C. College’s Rotaract Club is the district’s best Rotaract club; we are all aware of it. The team that makes it the best, is more important than that. Initially, I was attracted to the bond they shared. Honestly speaking their collective efforts were enough for me to decide that I wanted to be a part of them.  And now that I’m a part of the General Body, I want to make a good impression; through my performance and adding my bit to the cause.

~ Rtr. Nishita Jain

I got my admission confirmed to K.C. College in October. Being a socially awkward person, I questioned how I would meet new people. Since the courses at the time were online, I recall that the first time I entered campus after being accepted was to go to the RCKC orientation. I had not even been there for two hours when I left with several brand-new friends. The counting doesn’t stop there; it continues and grows daily. It’s not only about making friends; RCKC has aided my efforts to better myself. I can claim that I have mastered skills in handling situations; that I otherwise would not have dealt with if I hadn’t joined the club.

~ Rtr. Tanisha Khimavat

From joining RCKC through a depressed phase to seeing a general body member broadcast sent across the FYJC group, that’s where everything changed. I googled the word Rotaract the results said that it is all about community service; since it was one of my passions, I joined the club. Little did I know; all the happy moments of my college life have been because of RCKC. I remember giving my BOD interview nervously to now holding a dual post in the core team. It has always been a reason for my growth. I love every aspect of being a part of my club. There aren’t enough words for me to thank the platform and opportunities.

~ Rtr. Soha Deshmukh

“Change is an opportunity to do something amazing.”


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We are a non-profit organization dedicated towards serving the community, helping individuals in developing their personalities, travelling miles and spreading smiles. Our parent Rotary is the Rotary Club of Bombay Queen City and we fall under the Rotaract District 3141 and currently ranked 2nd best Club across Mumbai.

2 thoughts on “Dil Ki Baat RCKC Ke Saath!!

  1. Jalsa was the best trip of my life and always will be. Special thanks to Meet, Nishka and Tanisha they managed the trip pretty well.


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