Blogger Of The Month – November

A Roadtrip With My Best Friend

Roadtrips are super fun when you have your mother as your bestfriend. It’s you and her like a girly duo because why must fun be always had with boys, huh? The roadtrip I had with my mom was at ‘Sarkhez Roza’, Ahemdabad, the place where I have spent most of my childhood at. We had this trip just before getting into college, a life which was totally new for me, I wasn’t prepared for it, was scared that if I failed, I’d injure myself that I might get into trouble but as these thoughts started clouding my mind, my mom helped me get my mind off of them by taking me on the road and it changed my life.

She took me to the place in Ahemdabad where I once injured myself on the seesaw as a kid. I was wounded back then but that didn’t stop me from getting on the seesaw again and I still remember my mom’s words from back then that I was more careful this time and took proper precautions to avoid injury. The message behind my mom taking me on a roadtrip to a play-place from my childhood was to revive her message from years ago when I was a little girl. She told me that if I was so courageous to go back to playing on the seesaw as a child, I could definitely enjoy this ride to college too, with courage, of course. I will face challenges but I need to keep that spirit from my younger days alive and my mom and I are both sure, it’ll help me get through fine. She said, “Life is a journey, give it a go and go with the flow. Let it take you a destination you deserve to be at” and I haven’t looked back since. The trip enlightened me, no more feeling demotivated. Mothers play an important role in our lives, the most important one at that and that one roadtrip is a marker of it.

-Rtr. Jeel Thakkar

The Rotaract Club of Hinduja College

Blogger of the Month- August


Admit it, the Internet has gripped us by storm. We’re all hooked to it, whether to research a project due the next day or to post tongue-sticking-out selfies on Instagram. Jostling amongst the myriad things that have gone “online”, challenges are now a rage. Since it is in the nature of humans to compete, no matter it be for the most insignificant things, online challenges do hog the limelight. They’re a great way to try something new, kill time and make you look abysmally foolish; but can be hazardous, left to poor reasoning. A few well-known challenges are:


The “In My Feelings/Kiki Challenge”- If you haven’t heard of this one, you live under a rock – on the planet Mercury. Because everyone everywhere is taking up this one; I wouldn’t be surprised if a Martian hopped out of his (or her; Martians don’t discriminate) spaceship and boogied their way to Instagram. But while insurance policies may be great on Mars, I can’t quite say the same for them on Earth. This challenge can be pretty dangerous with all the traffic about, but some bright spark decided to take this to the next level, avoiding all traffic by performing the Kiki challenge in a Virar train. I’d just like to say let’s not try crazy stunts and keep our common sense and sense of self-preservation around with us since the scientific community is no longer calling for volunteers to corroborate Charles Darwin’s theory of Evolution – survival of the smartest.


The Ice-Bucket Challenge- To me, the idea of dousing oneself with ice-cold water is equivalent to a writing an invitation to Mr. P. Neumonia. But it is for a good cause; the tagged person must either give $100 to the ALS Association (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis- a neurological disease; and don’t you pretend you knew what it stood for!) or pour ice water over themselves and donate a smaller amount. I guess this is kind of fun as long as it doesn’t leave you with a cold.


The Cinnamon Challenge- Personally, I see no cause to gulp down a tablespoon of powdered cinnamon, except to be a spectacle for online viewers. There runs a risk of choking and I do believe someone had to be rushed to a hospital. This is a rather foolish challenge, but I think it was worth a mention since it was one of the earliest challenges to flood the internet.

To conclude, I would just like to say that – like with anything else – it’s okay to take up these challenges (who wouldn’t like the idea of ticking them off the bucket list) as long as we take our good sense with us and pray the video footage doesn’t land up in the hands of our prospective spouses or employers.


Reaching for the Stars – the 14th Installation Ceremony

The Rotaract Club of K.C. College conducted its 14th installation ceremony ‘Reaching for the stars’ on the 28th of August, 2018.
The event started off with the felicitation of the Guests and Representatives from the Rotary and Rotaract. Then, all the best Core Team members, Directors, Coordinators and Avenue Committee Members were awarded certificates and trophies. After the launch of the year-end magazine ‘reminiscence’, the entire 2017-18 team were given their year completion certificates. We then bid goodbye to all the members that have graduated from our college this year and have been a crucial part of RCKC for the past years were by thanking them and felicitating them. President Cool Dharmil gave his final speech as a President before collaring Rtr. Jay Sotta as the President 2018-19 to applause and tears of both joy for new beginnings and sadness for the ending of such a wonderful chapter in the book of RCKC.
After the launch of the club theme, t-shirt and letterhead, all the newly appointed members were given their toolkits and appointment letters.
After a final group picture, everyone left with a smile on their faces!

We start, You begin- Rtr.Shayoni Thakkar

The word feminism makes me think of
qahr (wrath)
of women, they are volcanic mountains; let their calm shells not fool you. The lava within their hearts is simmering, seething. Boned cages cannot hold them any more. A raging fire which is well-nigh out of control.
The word feminism makes me think of
justuju (pursuit, longing)
drenched with a fragrance of desire; a bud blooming with waking of the sun. A flower who never once fears being crushed underneath the foot of patriarchy.
The word feminism makes me think of
ikhtayar (power)
which is a drop of golden saccharine honey, an elixir of sorts, upon parched lips. An undying thirst, they have waited for it; waged wars–a tempest churning riptides upon the Seven Seas of the world.
The word feminism makes me think of
fanaa (destroy)
An ancient tree, a decaying bark, withered leaves, dry like the hands of an old man shrivelled upon the roots that yet do not cease to dig deep; women are tendrils, steadily climbing (sometimes they falter like you and I), choking trees of misogyny.
– Rtr. Shayoni Thakkar from The Rotaract College of Ramnarain Ruia College

We start, You begin- Saailee Rane

The recently released movie ‘Sanju’ portrayed a story of an errant son, leading a psychedelic life, “Jo har fikar ko dhue mein udhata chala gaya”. The prowess of the millennial’s heartthrob, the quintessential screenplay and the exemplary choice of songs was surely going to break the box office record but did this ‘3 hours film’ encapsulate Bollywood’s eternal bad-boy’s story?
      Well, the promo of this movie generated quite a buzz on the internet and so did the movie. From indulging into drugs to securing the tag of a ‘Womanizer’ to crumbling under pressure to be at the top, has all been very well portrayed. But the movie turns far too kind towards this self-confessed Casanova and starts making excuses for his irresponsible behavior. Sanju’s culpability still remains a point of debate. In the end, we get to see the real and the reel life Sanju dancing to the beat of “Baba bolta hein ab bus ho gaya” suggesting that a ‘fake news report’ may be responsible for his captivity.
If you look at the insights of this movie, you’ll realize that the movie has an important lesson to offer- that drugs and alcohol exist only to destroy the human race. You can conquer this battle of drug abuse, with your sword i.e the desire to leave it, either when you have enough financial resources or when your father is a ‘Big shot’. If you do not belong to either of the above-mentioned categories, do not even think about trying drugs, it can be lethal.
With every Khakra, Fafda and Dhokla comes a Jignesh, Dinesh and Kamlesh. But Sanju’s Kamlesh a.k.a Kamli was a real gem. A faithful friend very hard to find these days. This friendship gave us goals for life.
I wish that all of us get such a supportive family and such a constant friend with whose aid we can “Kar har maidan Fateh.”
– Saailee Rane

We start, You begin- Rtr. Saloni Jadhav

I think homosexuality is, in two words- lawfully right. But, is that what the law thinks, just yet?;

Baba was an overnight factory worker, Maa’s daal-chawal cooking,
the pressure cooker would whistle at 7 PM for the first time waking Baba up. And then thrice more for the rice to cook completely; snooze buttons for Baba’s incomplete 4-hour sleep. Before going off to work, Maa would serve the food to Baba and me in the same plate, they said it would intensify our love- a poor parent’s desperate cover up for a lacking pantry,
in between morsels he would tell me stories of the factory he worked at,
he told me how all the babas and maas in the world were trained to work there and the ones who went on strikes were banished from rights,
stories of how people are all but raw materials loaded into cargo ships,
of how we came into existence as a means to fulfill co-dependency,
of how we were all created in the same factory,
our identical cores packaged into slightly irregular shapes by a dysfunctional robot built by a blind man that had no pallette for appearances,
priced into barcodes where the black losses chasing white profits blurred into a nasty grey competition and the values of entire lives were decided by stock numbers of the most acceptable product,
labeled into forced identities that could mould into taglines and roll over tongues as easily as claims from the richest man in the auction room biding to decide the do’s and don’ts, the rights and the wrongs,
warnings of the product being best before the tolerance expires,
guarantee of the product behaving until the commercialization wears off and it realizes that societal standards are fraudulent and rules are shackles made up of weak, iced up iron,
shipped off to pre-decided destinations that act as prisons for the cowardly and speed bumps for the brave,
and finally: receiving a defective product, you may kindly ship it back to this address and await a free replacement on a respect-back guarantee:
Chapter XVI,
Article 377,
The Indian Penal Code,
– Rtr. Saloni Jadhav from The Rotaract Club Of Ramnarain Ruia College

SPORTACUS – Little Things Matter Much!

The event idea was discussed by Team Community Service, with the Director being Rtr. Shivam Agrawal and Rtn. Dhiren Shah along with other Rotarians and Rotaractors from RC Umbergaon who were called as guests to grace the event. They provided winners with additional goodies and blessings! Letterhead exchange was done with the Club. All logistical requirements were taken care of three days prior to the event. Prizes and Gifts for the winners were arranged, to appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of each one.
Our project helped us in reaching 200+ kids‘ hearts and bring out the athlete within them.
This event made a huge impact on our hearts and made us realize that the things which we get easily are the things some kids yearn for dearly. While the kids were shy at first, in the process of explaining different activities, they got comfortable with us and our afternoon was spent with fun and laughs.Their smiles and cheers put the guests, staff members as well as our volunteers’ heart melt.
The guests and staff members were extremely satisfied with the event and wished to work with us in the future. Indeed our dedication towards making this project a successful one was achieved!


Club Service:

Prom – An opportunity to rejoice old friendships as well as to make new ones through the best medium of expression i.e. dance.

Camphoria – An overnight camp at Vangani, a famous trekking place. A wonderful night that was spent gazing at stars and living in tents.

Community Service:

Sportacus – An Annual Sports Meet that was organized for the students at a school in Palgarh.

MediAid – Through this project, we aimed at rendering basic medical help to the underprivileged. A series of blood tests, eye examinations, etc. were conducted by trained physicians to ensure their well being and help them lead a healthier life.

ROOH – An Ambassadorial Initiative, this project aimed at sensitizing the youth about body image issues and body shaming. Several Rotaractors voiced their opinions and shared their stories which were showcased on our social media handles. Such little initiatives don’t take a huge task, just an intention of making this world a safe space for all.

International Service:

Mera Avenue Mahaan – Mera Avenue Mahaan had always been a delight for the General Body Members. Those who were no longer interested in the club found new things to look up to for the club. The event created endless memories, Leaders even after the event started making forums where all the participants wrote all the memories they have created with each other and because of this club. Our relation with our Alumnus grew stronger. The relation between each team got widened as they played together, fought together and together revived the glory RCKC has always ever had and that was that this club is and from now will always be a family. The event marked a huge number of participants participating and viewing the project.

Happiness Hour – The project saw participation of 170 clubs from 61 districts spread across 32 countries in 6 continents. Happiness Hour is one of the biggest events that the Club carries out every year.Through the initiative, we were successful in reaching out to more than 8000 underprivileged and orphaned children across the globe enabling them a new experience and making a difference in their lives.  The kids were made to feel special and simple games were played to keep them engaged and excited. The kids were elated when Rotaractors visited them. Many clubs have pledged to frequently visit the kids. We successfully brought smiles on so many faces, being our main aim for the day. We made sure the smiles spread created a significant difference in their lives and inculcated values of ‘happiness’ for the particular 1 hour. From the details that we have been getting from the participating Clubs, it is safe to assume that we have spread more than 8000 smiles. The kids were too happy and excited when our Rotaractors visited them and spent time with them. We surely would continue this gesture to spread joy.

Secret Santa – Christmas is a festival to share joy, smiles and make happy memories which were successfully accomplished through this project. The event ensured a perfect start to a brand new year with the joy of giving and receiving as well as the pure satisfaction of being the reason behind someone’s smile. The Board of Directors and Coordinators got a chance to get to know each other better and have a better understanding. They got an opportunity to make a special place in the other person’s heart before the year ended. Everyone was overjoyed to receive their gift and in this way new bonds, friendships and memories were created which would last for years to come.

Professional Development:

The Grand Dance Show – Leaving an everlasting impact, this project provided a platform for budding dancers to come and a shake a leg to some tunes. Impeccably choreographed dances were put up by the performers; the audience thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the efforts put in by the participants.

MIPS – MIPS aka “Model Indian Parliamentary Session.” It is a formal debate competition parallel to the lines of a M.U.N., but here Indian Committees are simulated and the event is conducted for 2days. There were also be a mock crisis situation for both the committees!

Entrepreneurship Development:

Your views matter – A digital platform through which you can educate people and get aware yourself about GST by asking questions to two people about GST and understand it through their point of view.

The Boss Said… – An Entrepreneurship Development Initiative, the aim of this project was to provide fellow Rotaractors with their daily dose of motivation and push them to strive for their goals. This event received support and appreciation from fellow clubs and was a huge success.


Get Set Kho – This project was conducted to bring our game kho- kho in the picture again and to give everyone a moment where they kept their phones aside and cherished their childhood memories. This was suggested by many GBMs and college students in order to have fun while having running. The main reason to conduct this event was to make members more active on the field rather than sitting at home. It was also conducted to promote sportsmanship, coordination, and fitness., since it indeed very important to pay attention to these basic goals of life. Along with these even promoting the Sports Avenue as a whole. Because of this Avenue, one can indulge themselves in those sporting activities in which they can shine and flourish at its best! Get Set Kho was one such initiative to make use of everyone’s hidden talent of playing the game.


EdYOUcation – An event where the volunteers had an opportunity to teach underprivileged children suffering from cancer via fun tasks and activities in various childcare centres.

Playing with feelings – An Editorials Initiative, carried out every year, this project aims at providing a safe space environment to all those writers who have so much to say but choose to stay mum. A feeling and a twist in the tale, the budding writers were encouraged to pen down their thoughts and feelings on paper, with no restrictions or judgments.

Public Relations:

Humara Neta Kaisa Ho – Simulating the feeling and experience of being a politician, the MIPS promotional event, successfully channelled the environment of elections and the following events. This event gave an opportunity to Rotaractors to vote for a suitable candidate and make him/her their leader or Netaji.

PR for Grand Dance Show – Team Public Relations helped Team Professional Development to find sponsers as well as participants for the event.