Humans of RCKC: Part 6

In collaboration with Youth Overload Magazine. “Detectives! You told me about Core members and it’s time I let you know that bond among my General body members is also strong. Come, here me out.” Miss walls sat among the detectives who were trying to enjoy evening snacks and tea. Key word? Trying. “We never deniedContinue reading “Humans of RCKC: Part 6”

Humans of RCKC: Part 5

In collaboration with Youth Overload Magazine. “Miss walls! Today, we will take you through the journey of the friendship of core members in RCKC.” Detectives are proud of the memories. “Finally! A day when I feel my connections are useful. Let’s talk, shall we?” Miss Walls sat in indian style while rubbing her hands atContinue reading “Humans of RCKC: Part 5”

Humans of RCKC: Part 4

In collaboration with Youth Overload Magazine. “Ms. Walls, don’t you think it’s wonderful how unknown people become the best part of our lives?” Team detectives were clearly curious and desperate to hear the qualities of their bond because what is the best topic of conversation if not memories on an idle afternoon. However, Miss WallsContinue reading “Humans of RCKC: Part 4”

Humans of RCKC: Part 3

In collaboration with Youth Overload Magazine. “Guess what we are doing today, detectives?” Miss Walls asks trying to be mysterious. “We’re going through the memories and first glance impressions of our members, innit?” The detectives smirk.Oh my god, Am I predictable now? I must not let this curse fall upon me. Let me answer theirContinue reading “Humans of RCKC: Part 3”