We Start, You Begin! (2nd Position)

Topic- I change names everytime I go to starbucks.

I change names everytime I go to starbucks. I get to take off my shoes and borrow somebody else’s in the world for a couple of minutes. The rush of exhilaration causes my heart to pump louder and louder, faster and faster everytime I do it. I feel mischievous that I’m telling a boldfaced lie right to the cashier even though it’s just a little, harmless lie. I feel like a little boy who had an extra cookie at lunch. A harmless act but to the boy it feels like the naughtiest thing in the world. Why do I do it? What’s the point? It’s fun. It’s challenging. You have to change your accent. You have to become another person. You have to embody another culture. All without giving the slightest sign of amusement otherwise your cover will be blown. Just a week ago, when I visited starbucks, I chose to be Sidharth Ambani. Mukesh Ambani is the richest person of India, so I decided to use his surname so that the cashier believes that I belong to his family. I made a small talk with the cashier about my family and showed the tantrums just like the rich people. “Have a nice day!” the cashier said while handing me my Caramel Frappachino. “Cheers,” I replied, with a smirk on my face. 

-Rtr. Shreyash Nair

Rotaract Club of Mulund Hill View

Published by rckceditorial

We are a non-profit organization dedicated towards serving the community, helping individuals in developing their personalities, travelling miles and spreading smiles. Our parent Rotary is the Rotary Club of Bombay Queen City and we fall under the Rotaract District 3141 and currently ranked 2nd best Club across Mumbai.

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