Gratitude (Board of Directors, Support functions)

Team Public Relations and Marketing Ms. Out of the reach She’s a gem of a person. The one who always has a smiling face. And a never give up attitude to top it all! Ms. Let me speak first Constant speaking flows in her blood. You’ll always find her jolly and happy. Ms. Let’s shakeContinue reading “Gratitude (Board of Directors, Support functions)”

Gratitude (Board of Directors, Main Avenues)

Team Club Service. Ms. Party Rocker  She can beat the Varun Doshi-Dharmil Shah duo at Club Service single-handedly! Her work and her never give up attitude is all that you can watch out for. Team Community Service. The Son of the Lord The multi tasker, got inspired by Community Service to an extent where heContinue reading “Gratitude (Board of Directors, Main Avenues)”