RCKC’s Birthday Bash!

In collaboration with Youth Overload Magazine. “What is this new watch that adorns your hands?” Team Detectives murmur with surprise as they see Miss Walls sporting a brand new model of Tommy Hilfiger on her left hand. Looks like someone has been winning lotteries! Miss Walls ignores our questions as she glances at her newContinue reading “RCKC’s Birthday Bash!”

Humans of RCKC – Husain Sakerwala

In collaboration with Youth Overload magazine. “Do you have that one special friend who you would share your favorite McDonald’s meal with?” Miss Walls asks Team Detectives as they sit on the porch on a sunny day, sharing a happy meal together. Just as everyone expects, Miss Walls hardly lets Team Detectives touch her food. WellContinue reading “Humans of RCKC – Husain Sakerwala”