WRY – World’s Responsible Youth

With great power comes great responsibility, which is why Miss Geller and Miss Green decided to use their ability to influence the minds of their impressionable readers by setting out to find “responsible youth” within the club. World Responsible Youth, aka WRY, greatly inspired Team Editorial. We aimed to find real-life examples of GBMs thatContinue reading “WRY – World’s Responsible Youth”

Zariya – The Social Movement

Miss Geller and Miss Green are here with another club update for our favorite audience. We’re sure you all must have been waiting for this one, so here goes! With the motive of “Being a Zariya for someone’s happiness”, we Rotaractors started this movement. The Farmer’s Empowerment Campaign looks after the holistic upbringing of familiesContinue reading “Zariya – The Social Movement”

Learning to Unlearn

Miss Geller & Miss Green are back to our favorite audience. Over this month, we noticed the movement of a great initiative that grabbed our attention. Rtr. Aditi Sharma, Chairwoman of Taskforce, came up with an initiative called ‘Failing Feminist’; that highlights those learnings that are still to be unlearned by our generation. Response toContinue reading “Learning to Unlearn”

Jab We Met vs. Jab We Now

Monica Geller & Rachel Green are the new handlers of this world. We’ve got some exciting and interesting tea for all our dear readers. We are famous for our dynamic duos but do you know their equation? What happened when these different personalities met each other? What was their first impression? Is everything the wayContinue reading “Jab We Met vs. Jab We Now”