Humans of RCKC: Part 5

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“Miss walls! Today, we will take you through the journey of the friendship of core members in RCKC.” Detectives are proud of the memories.

“Finally! A day when I feel my connections are useful. Let’s talk, shall we?” Miss Walls sat in indian style while rubbing her hands at the latest updates.

Rtr. Murtaza Ujjainwala to Rtr. Aditi Sharma.

Quite possibly my biggest support and the cutest person in the club. My Co-Vice President, Rtr. Aditi Sharma. We have faced endless crisis and problems throughout these past 14 months, each one by each other’s side and I am extremely grateful for her. She’s been my hype girl and my rock she’s also the one to make my year so joyful!

Rtr. Aditi Sharma to Rtr. Shreyans.

I met Shreyans in my FYJC at RCKC’s first general body members meeting. I’m grateful for meeting him and getting to know him. He’s been a rock solid support to me since then. Closest friend? Nah. He is my family! Hence proved, Rotaract gives you the best people.

Rtr. Lubhani Goyal to Rtr. Zainab Jaliwala.

Rotaract has given me the opportunity to interact with so many people over the years, and the sweetest part of this is the fact that these interactions have led to the formation of some of the best bonds that one can have. This time the bond is with someone who I knew and had heard of in the past years but never got a chance to interact with, and that person was none other than our very own HRD for the year, Zainab Jaliwala. To get into the details of our friendship would be an endless tedious task but I can say this without a doubt that forcing her to tag along for our clubs trek, camphoria was one of the best things I did because I feel from that day onwards she had no choice but to stay in my life. False first impressions, strikingly opposite personalities while at the same time having the sweetest similarities, there’s the perfect cliche friendship starter pack. I’m very glad that being a part of the core together this year got me closer to her for she’s one of the purest yet craziest humans that I’ve ever come across. She’s gone from being an absolute stranger to someone who I would tell something as stupid as the fact that I finally took a shower after two days. I absolutely adore the bond we have now and I’m so happy to have found someone like her who has been an absolute rock for me throughout. The bond that we is immensely special for me and nab-zai, I love you. You’re the cutest.

Rtr. Zainab Jaliwala to Rtr. Lubhani Goyal.

I’ve been in Rotaract my entire college life and the entire experience is worth every single thing. There have been a lot of ups and downs with everything but one thing that Rotaract always helps is with creating new and promising friendships. Rtr. Lubhani Goyal, our Club’s SAA has been one such person whom I wished I would have met at the start of my college life. She has made me realize how fun life is and how much crazier it can be. I have a lot of love for her and I hope to see our bond grow stronger each day!

“The fact that they wrote about each other is so cute! don’t you think?”

“Don’t worry, we will write about you miss walls given the opportunity.”

“Oh well, sure you have to! Lets read further.”

Rtr. Tanisha Biyani to Rtr. Sanyam

To be honest, I was too shy to make new friends after Grade 10. When I came across RCKC, I wondered let’s give this a shot, and I AM SO GLAD I DID THAT! Never have I expected to open up and seize opportunities just by joining RCKC. Sanyam was the person with whom I volunteered in the Leisure Event as a team. This single event made us good friends and I become more social and comfortable with my peers. I’m very grateful for being a member of RCKC and the future that it holds for me.

Rtr. Soumaditya Bose to Keenan Almeida.

Keenan Almeida. Well, I agree I didn’t quite meet him through RCKC. It was from an online tourney for Valorant which we lost horribly (let’s not get into that). I lost touch with him shortly after. Fast forward a couple of months and I spotted him at an RCKC online event. We started talking again. Frankly, joining that meeting as a last moment decision was the best one I made. RCKC helped me meet him once more and while we did lose the tournament, that meant nothing to the friendship I could’ve lost had RCKC not been a part of this journey. It has been about 2 years since we met and he’s become one of the closest people to me. A friend. A brother. Somebody I can talk to about anything. I’m not going to say “I Love you” but you understand, right bro?

“Awww, that’s a way of expressing love! Dont you think?”

“Oh yes! let us know your love for each other in comment section.”

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