Humans of RCKC: Part 6

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“Detectives! You told me about Core members and it’s time I let you know that bond among my General body members is also strong. Come, here me out.” Miss walls sat among the detectives who were trying to enjoy evening snacks and tea. Key word? Trying.

“We never denied the bond miss walls.” Miss walls as usual ignored the detectives grumbling

Rtr. Hashmita Karkera

I can’t really tell about a single person because I have met a lot of friends and . Speaking about a particular person is very difficult but few of them always have my back. I met all my RCKC pals from postion swap and I can’t describe their importance in my life I love them all from the bottom of my heart and I’ll always cherish the memories we made. Some of the special mentions I’ll do here are Akshita, Megha, Hriday, Prisha and a lot more.

Rtr. Harsh Sanghvi

The person I met through RCKC is Daksh Jain, he has now become one of my closest friend. We knew each other before Rotaract but then when we came to know that both of us were in RCKC and we also lived nearby, we planned and started attending events together. We started meeting each other regularly, while coming for events. I can’t pick out the exact timing when we became so comfortable with each other that we started sharing our secrets, problems and helping each other to solve them. Today is the day where we are so close that we have to mention each other’s name before going out. It is like his parents think I am a good kid and vice versa but in reality we only know how good we are! And after 2months he is going to Ahmedabad for his further studies and I’m surely going to miss him a lot. This blog will be like a small surprise for him before he shifts there!

Rtr. Fatema Setranjiwala

Last year around this time, Faika and I started talking online. One of the main elements which bought us close is our same taste in music and love for literature. Six months later we met at a RCKC event and she is one of those rare persons who is same in real and reel life. Her goofiness and appreciative nature is something which attracts everybody around her. She is someone who would listen to me for hours whatsoever is the topic and I’m glad I met her.

Rtr. Anuroop Nair

Few have the knowledge that I’m a loyal die heart member of RCKC from 3 years. and because of Rotaract I have come a long way in life. I met a lot of cuties in this years, but there is this guy I met in my First year of RCKC, Samir Qureshi. We just met in a random event and who knew that we would turn into closest friends! From roasting each other to supporting each other, I guess we have come a long way! After meeting him, I figured joining Rotaract was a great idea.

Rtr. Megha Singh

I have made many close friends with the help of RCKC but with these two it was unexpected. Hasmita and Akshita were in the same team as me that is, Team Zephyrs for Position Swap and during that month we became inseparable. From conducting events together to being on call till midnight we have done it all. First when I saw the team, I was nervous with questions like would all of us get along? However, days later they became my family. Whenever I’m sad I just drop them a text and then minutes later they revert back saying they will be there in 10 minutes. The text usually says “let’s go out and eat something.” One of the best thing happened to me and I thank RCKC for that.

“So, now do you agree to me Detectives?” Miss walls asks with raised eyebrows.

“We never disagreed Miss walls. We would love to read about more memories. Please drop yours in comment section.”

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