Humans of RCKC: Part 4

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“Ms. Walls, don’t you think it’s wonderful how unknown people become the best part of our lives?” Team detectives were clearly curious and desperate to hear the qualities of their bond because what is the best topic of conversation if not memories on an idle afternoon. However, Miss Walls as always left them baffled with her answer.

“How about unknown confessions to the known?” Detectives could literally feel a question mark sign growing on their head and maybe Miss walls could detect it because she clarified her question with the next statement.

“I have few memories and confessions from humans of RCKC. As we all know I’m the best at extracting the important information” The smirk on her face looked all ready to give the juicy particulars and well, detectives are human and we are all curious. so why not.

Rtr. Laiba Bari to Rtr. Jas Mehta

Never thought we’ll get this close to each other but trust me, I am insanely in love with our bond. From teasing people to our self-made lame jokes it’s always been a rollercoaster ride with you. Please stop tickling, teasing, and hitting me! Looking forward to having more fun with you because it’s always great to have you around. PS: Now that I have agreed on our bond, don’t tease me about it okay?

“You know what’s friendship by fate? It is when two competitors fall in the category of friendship forever!” Detectives are seriously peeved out of their mind because miss walls has stretched her face into two with her smile.

Rtr. Mahafrin Deboo to Rtr. Aanvi

I was giving an interview and Aanvi was amongst the people who had applied. I honestly never thought I’d associate myself with her until we turned out to be a part of the same team in MAM. I’ve never been more glad to meet a person. She is bubbly, fussy and the funniest girl I know. I think everyone needs a friend who makes them laugh at the most inappropriate moments and can lift your mood through a single phone call and Aanvi is that friend for me. I’m going to give the weirdest photo we have because honestly, we have never clicked a decent photo in our life!

“Many friendships glow in team bonding activities. there is always that one person in the team that we don’t know in the beginning but end up loving till the end. ” Detectives are curious and can hardly sit erect in their chairs.

Rtr. Deep Sagar to Rtr. Meet Jain.

Before Position Swap, I was a little scared of him as I thought he was a very serious dude because he is always so professional during events and that’s the only time we met. However, I joined his team for a position swap and it was a complete surprise to see his cool, friendly, humorous, and witty side. We spent a lot of time because of work, and that’s how we became more and more acquainted. With time working with him became a pleasure. He is a very chill person to goof around with, and also one of the most sincere and hardworking people I have met. So here’s to you Meet, always be like this. #Dilsecommserv

Rtr. Attarv Shetty to Rtr. Shashank Salvi

I am an introvert by nature and would take my time with everyone I met at college or RCKC.  I met Shashank at Camphoria, even though this hopeless man went to sleep early, it was the beginning of our new friendship. Shashank is a genuine, kind, and on-point person. We bonded over sports. We rarely meet each other because of different courses however, when we meet the conversation seems never-ending. Normally, it’s a serious conversation that I enjoy the most not everything has to be fun/happy moments. 

Rtr. Om Desai to Rtr. Nishka Modi

I never expected Nishka to be a close friend of mine. I still remember it was during our first Position Swap meeting when Nishka predicted “At the end of this month, we will be close friends.” and it actually happened! I can share secrets with her without any hesitation. We share lots of memories and I don’t want to agree but, Nishka you’re amazing and I’m really grateful to have you.

“Aww, they are sweet memories! Miss walls, do you think we would have bonded better because of team activities?” It’s weird how they care so much about Miss walls opinions, team detectives found themselves wondering.

“Well, we already have the best bond, don’t you think? And sometimes, friendship grows without the tich and twich.”

Rtr. Bhavya Agarwal to Rtr. Raina Baldia

The one unexpected friend I made due to Rotaract is Rtr. Raina Baldia. She was a girl I didn’t know very well before RCKC but ever since joining it we’ve gotten really close and she’s someone I really adore and I’m glad for. Her maturity is something I admire the most about her and I’m so glad that she listens to all my tantrums and she is someone I can always vibe with.

“That’s all for today Detectives, lets’s meet next time. I have to go and spy on Jamshed after all.”

Team Detectives shook their head at Miss Walls as they are aware that after becoming too sweet Miss Walls has to act weird and awkward.

“Oh right, if you have weird friends you want to confess to, write it in the comments!”

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