Humans of RCKC: Part 3

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“Guess what we are doing today, detectives?” Miss Walls asks trying to be mysterious.
“We’re going through the memories and first glance impressions of our members, innit?” The detectives smirk.
Oh my god, Am I predictable now? I must not let this curse fall upon me. Let me answer their question in a way they get confused. Evil thoughts for the win, haha!
Miss Walls thought to herself.
“Detectives, all we are is skin and bone trained to get along.”
The detectives look at each other, now confused, wondering if their assumption was wrong.
“We are going to, today, make it more than that by telling tales?” Miss Walls gives a devilish smile.
“How is that any different than what we said?”
“Anyway, moving on to our first story of the day!”
“Did we just get ignored?” The detectives at last make a face that screams ‘we have given up on her!’

1. Rtr. Yunus Lukadia – Rtr. Hritika Mahapadi

Rtr. Yunus Lukadia is the person I met in RCKC and want him with me for a long. He is the one I can share everything that’s happening in my life without feeling shy or without hesitating. He is the most supportive person. From irritating him for no reason to crying over my crush not giving me attention I do it all. Whenever I am sad the only thing that he does is sending a stupid quote and that lifts up my mood in a second. I don’t even know how come we became so close to each other but it just happened and now he means a lot to me. If I am not wrong it was Position swap going on and I was messed with all events and he was a one to calm me down. That was the first time we met from there it’s a long way we have been. I haven’t met such a calm person in my life. We both are just two opposite poles still jam up so good. I sometimes think that in few days he is going to connect me with telepathy because he knows everything that’s in my mind without me saying. Cheers to this handsome creation of god!

2. Rtr. Aateef Khan

Joining Rotaract was my biggest turn in my college life , well I didn’t have one because of the covid but all thanks to RCKC now I can say to my friends that I ENJOYED my college life.Rckc is like a family like no one is sitting alone or zonned out we’re always busy enjoying with others or sharing somee amazing gossips. MAM was one of the best event I participated in. I met a lot of new people through this event and got to know them on a personal level. If asked to talk about my one closest pal, it is quite difficult for me because there are so many of them. Zainab, Shruti, Haaniya, Venissha, Prem, Daksh, Jasraj, Jiya, Husain, and the list goes on…All of these are literally my best pals for life.

3. Rtr. Hritika Mahapadi- Rtr. Hriday Jain

So this girl Rtr. Hritika Mahapadi,  is very loveable and cute i think everybody loves this girl long story short I met her a few months ago and we clicked instantly. I was under the impression that she is someone who very into herself but boy was I wrong and we’ve been very close friends ever since and i am grateful for that.

4. Rtr. Vedant Sawant – Rtr. Shreya Patel

I am really happy because now I finally get to thank the sweetie of my life. Everything started with a joke and ended up as the most beautiful and a pure friendship. Vedant always wanted to be close to someone and be with them forever. I met him through rotract but the actual part of knowing each other started online with a hii. To be honest I thought he just gonna try being a friend and then come the flirting and demands. But no not every hii is the same. Some of them can turn into a good friendship. One thing I love about him is that he has always been honest and open about everything inside out. We support each other everyday “I KNOW YOU ARE WORTH EVERY HAPPINESS IN THIS WORLD JUST TRUST YOURSELF AND GO AHEAD.” These words represent our love for each other. Whenever one talks about meeting their online friend, you know its gonna be the opposite of what you thought it would be. AWKWARDNESS was something I thought we’ll feel when we first meet but this dude had some other plans for me. I guess he was suppose to change pov about people. We just don’t know what happened to us we got so excited to see each other. I ran when I saw him and hugged him. That was kinda sign for me to know he is someone special and keep him as close as possible. I need to end this now because I know this will never end. And I know that you are very eager to read this Vedant but I just wanna let you know that i love you and I’ll always be there for you.

5. Rtr. Vamika Trehan – Rtr. Nupur Chowdhary

So I met vamika trehan through Rotaract club.It was really welcoming when we had our first interaction and then later I got to know that we are classmates .It was fun attending her events.She is really cute and funny. I really do like being with her..Also she understands me too.

Rtr. Sakshi Daiphode – Rtr. Arshiya Shaikh

Sakshi and I met through RCKC, but we never really spent much time together until recently. We’ve grown closer in recent months, and we always have an amazing time when we are together! She’s an absolute sweetheart who can instantly make you feel better, she’s incredibly hardworking, and she makes me want to be myself when I am with her! Our energy are a perfect combination, and I’ll be always be glad to have met her!

“And with that sweet, wholesome note, we end our today’s session. For more content of such beauty, follow @rckcofficial and @Misswalls453.”

“Miss Walls is on Instagram?”

“Ofcourse, losers.”

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