Inspiring Farmers

We come across thousands of people everyday who face problems, but there are also a few people who take steps to discard the problems for others as well. Through a recent interview with a farmer at Wardha, team Farmers Empowerment Campaign which is a state level project inititated for the welfare of farmers, we became more aware about the hardships and also the efforts taken by the farmer.
Mr. Prashanth Deshmukh is a Farmer who grows Cotton in his field at Wardha. He began his social work at a local level and then at Zilla level, when he realized that the problems he faced were also faced by others and wanted to help all of his brothers, farmers and he started the work without any further ado.

Using social media as a source of spreading awareness, helping those in need in and out of village, taking the help from the NGOs – Apulkee, Jivada, Jan Mang and Kisan Putra, conducting blood donations camps at different areas, helping needy farmers who are facing health issues, providing modern facilities to cancer patients, he has given his 100% in all the areas he could.

Moreover, with the help of the NGOs and Media, he had opened a library to spread information for the farmers, around 750 farmers who are facing financial problems were helped due to this. They also put the pressure onto the Government to give them subsidy. He further adds on that they are aiming to help the farmers by constructing libraries and also by increasing water level.

He has also initiated few projects like admitting people for the training of processing, in secessions, by teaching them how to convert toor into daal, helping the people as they have three ambulances, solving small problems of farmers by making them in a group, providing the equipments of the tractors to them. He further adds that he had started striking Mumbai, Nagpur, Amravati, Akola and several other places.I
on 15th August to help more and more people.

With the consequences of the Demonetization, he said that the farmers faced a lot of problems as they had to stop their work for few days because of lack of money and they stood in the queues for hours to get their money exchanged.

He has been working since the past twenty years and the feeling of satisfaction of helping others keeps him going to continue and achieve more and more. His story would always remain inspiring to every reader, social worker and for a person who wishes to bring a change in the world. We salute him, for his efforts and hard work that in turn keeps us going and motivated.

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