Gratitude (Board of Directors, Main Avenues)

Team Club Service.

Ms. Party Rocker 


She can beat the Varun Doshi-Dharmil Shah duo at Club Service single-handedly!

Her work and her never give up attitude is all that you can watch out for.

Team Community Service.

The Son of the Lord

Ezekiel Baskar

The multi tasker, got inspired by Community Service to an extent where he opened his own NGO at the age of 18.

His undying love towards the society and his PR skills, make him extraordinary.

Call me Taku

Harshil Shah

The moment spoiler.

You would never understand his jokes but you would still laugh at his stupidity.

Team International Service

Ms. I am so busy  


She transform from a thunderstorm to as silent as an ocean within few seconds.

Her out of the box ideas, make her the perfect successor for our former ISD and now President Rtr Deeva Jain!

Mr. Do you wanna get bored?

Kulraj Bawa

You would choose to rather sit quietly than argue with him.

The person who loves International Service more than anything, but never lets it show.

Cash me outside Girl


A fresher known for not shutting up and proving her capabilities by being promoted as the Joint Director of International Service and Editorials within a year!

Also, making sense is not her cup of tea.

Team Professional Development

Mr.Can I taunt you anymore?

Jay Sotta

Don’t know about any other dance form, but Garba is his soul.

Want to know anything about your life? Go to him, he’s a graphologist, tarot card reader and what not? With skills overflowing on pages, he makes the perfect professional guide to all the freshers.

Mr. Mira Road se hu Bancho

Shreejit Nair

You would really want to see him decide which avenue he has to sit with for every BOD meeting!

Our future Mr. Dhruneal Ved, as multi tasking is something he strives for.

Team Entrepreneurship Development

Ms. Twinning with everyone 

Meghna Gohil

The bugs bunny of the club. If you ever have a twin, its probably her.

Being the boss, she sets a great example by being an amazing leader!

Mr. Mira Road se hu Bancho

Shreejit Nair

Mr. Entrepreneur who manages two avenues.

Fun to hang around with unless you get him all mad like Joey’s duck got the roster all angry.

Team Sports

Ms. Tomboy

Sanjana Valecha

Need pictures? She is just a call away always hopping around with a smile on her face.

The super sporty person you’ll ever meet.

Mr. I will rather scare you 

Prathamesh Shinde

The person with the most contacts, the go-to guy and the friend you call when you are in trouble.

Horse Riding for him is a cup of tea.

Ms. Tattoo Artist

Jinal Shah

She will paint your world with the brightest colours.

Give her any sport, and she can execute it.

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We are a non-profit organization dedicated towards serving the community, helping individuals in developing their personalities, travelling miles and spreading smiles. Our parent Rotary is the Rotary Club of Bombay Queen City and we fall under the Rotaract District 3141 and currently ranked 2nd best Club across Mumbai.

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