Photogab article.

The first thought that I had after looking at the image was that of unrequited love, where a boy was seeing the girl he loves walk away from him but I am not going to write about that. I will write about a pain worse than that. For me the image shows the pain aContinue reading “Photogab article.”

Main Events First Quarter . 

​Rotaract Club of KC College Main Events 2016July:Jeevan Daan – The Project was carried out to help the society by lending a hand that could save lives, help someone survive and altogether make someone smile. A little gesture, serving humanity does more good than one can imagine. Also, we targeted organ donation this year, alongContinue reading “Main Events First Quarter . “

Trek to Vangani – A poem on the experience there 

One of our rotoractors who went on the trek to Vangani describes her learning and growing experience in the form of a poem. Seems like she Relived the Meraki indeed!  The Awakening  ~RajviBhatt Walking through the greens in the lap of nature I felt like a lioness in domain but as yet I was only a littleContinue reading “Trek to Vangani – A poem on the experience there “

RCKC Connect. (Quarter I)

RCKC Connect aims for a sturdy read. It was inaugurated by the Principal of Rotaract Club of KC College Ms Manju Nichani and other Rotarians during the 11th Installation ceremony of the club. The newsletter includes an abbreviated version of the events that took place in the past and winner’s article for an editorial initiative,Continue reading “RCKC Connect. (Quarter I)”