Humans of RCKC – Husain Sakerwala

In collaboration with Youth Overload magazine. “Do you have that one special friend who you would share your favorite McDonald’s meal with?” Miss Walls asks Team Detectives as they sit on the porch on a sunny day, sharing a happy meal together. Just as everyone expects, Miss Walls hardly lets Team Detectives touch her food. WellContinue reading “Humans of RCKC – Husain Sakerwala”

All About November

November with uncanny witchery in its changed trees….. Where do we even start when it comes to how eventful November has been. From furious nerve-crossing and memorable events like MAM chaired by the President Rtr. Jamshed Chaina himself to upcoming booked dates for events like Camphoria by Club Service, 10 Race to Finish by ProfessionalContinue reading “All About November”

Miss Walls: An Investigation

Miss Walls! Miss Walls! Miss Walls!Where has she been all this time? She didn’t show up at the 17th Installation ceremony of the Rotaract Club of K.C. College either. Hmm….we wonder what the reason might be. Well, once again, the detectives are here to save the day. For all the newbies present here, Miss WallsContinue reading “Miss Walls: An Investigation”