Jab We Met vs. Jab We Now

Monica Geller & Rachel Green are the new handlers of this world. We’ve got some exciting and interesting tea for all our dear readers. We are famous for our dynamic duos but do you know their equation? What happened when these different personalities met each other? What was their first impression? Is everything the wayContinue reading “Jab We Met vs. Jab We Now”

Humans of RCKC: Part 5

In collaboration with Youth Overload Magazine. “Miss walls! Today, we will take you through the journey of the friendship of core members in RCKC.” Detectives are proud of the memories. “Finally! A day when I feel my connections are useful. Let’s talk, shall we?” Miss Walls sat in indian style while rubbing her hands atContinue reading “Humans of RCKC: Part 5”

Humans of RCKC: Part 4

In collaboration with Youth Overload Magazine. “Ms. Walls, don’t you think it’s wonderful how unknown people become the best part of our lives?” Team detectives were clearly curious and desperate to hear the qualities of their bond because what is the best topic of conversation if not memories on an idle afternoon. However, Miss WallsContinue reading “Humans of RCKC: Part 4”

Humans of RCKC: Part 3

In collaboration with Youth Overload Magazine. “Guess what we are doing today, detectives?” Miss Walls asks trying to be mysterious. “We’re going through the memories and first glance impressions of our members, innit?” The detectives smirk.Oh my god, Am I predictable now? I must not let this curse fall upon me. Let me answer theirContinue reading “Humans of RCKC: Part 3”

Recommends of Aprils

In collaboration with Youth Overload Magazine. “Hello everyone!”The detectives look confused wondering who is Miss Walls talking to.“I’m obviously talking to our audience, you potato-heads.”How does she have a new quirky word for the detectives, every single time?“Don’t mention it.”Wait. What? Has she started hearing the narrator’s voice as well? AND SHE KNOWS ABOUT OURContinue reading “Recommends of Aprils”

Position Swap with Team Detectives

In collaboration with Youth Overload Magazine. “I suddenly remember the time I was in class five, and was the class president of my division. That was one memorable quarter for me.” Miss Walls says with her eyes shining and a nostalgic sigh. Being a president is everyone’s dream, be it a class president or theContinue reading “Position Swap with Team Detectives”

RCKC’s Birthday Bash!

In collaboration with Youth Overload Magazine. “What is this new watch that adorns your hands?” Team Detectives murmur with surprise as they see Miss Walls sporting a brand new model of Tommy Hilfiger on her left hand. Looks like someone has been winning lotteries! Miss Walls ignores our questions as she glances at her newContinue reading “RCKC’s Birthday Bash!”