Month of May (25 events)

1)Farmers Empowerment Campaign: They work day and night for us, what is our way of reciprocation to their hardwork? The Rotaract Club of K.C. College initiated Farmers Empowerment Campaign, to eradicate the problem and the terrible consequences of drought in the summers faced by the farmers. It was launched by Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr.Continue reading “Month of May (25 events)”

Month of April

1)Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: Through this community service based event we wanted to convey a simple message regarding cleanliness. It’s extremely important to have a clean environment in order to function correctly therefore, we decided to take up this initiative to support our thoughts.2)Let’s Be Honest: We, as Rotaractors have had positive as well as negativeContinue reading “Month of April”

10 reasons why Rotaract is the best thing to ever happen to anyone!

Being a part of Rotaract has always been fun, but many a times everyone must have thought of reasons about how Rotaract has made you into the person that you are today. So here it is, we proudly present the 10 reasons that the Core team completely relates with. 1) Helps you be part ofContinue reading “10 reasons why Rotaract is the best thing to ever happen to anyone!”

Month of January (39 events)

1) Sargam Through this event, we had the motive to acknowledge and award the cancer patients and survivors. Comprised of various contents, it launched a book, presented Nargis Dutt Memorial Awards for cancer survivors and was concluded by a Bollywood musical night which left a soothing impact. 2) Letterhead Exchange This exchange was to maintain and embraceContinue reading “Month of January (39 events)”

Month of December (19 events)

1) Digital India: We are well accustomed to the new world of technology which has helped us a lot in all our work fields, so to promote this, we started this project which was held to educate the underprivileged kids about the latest technology of computer and it’s different uses.  2) Incredible India 2015: INDIAContinue reading “Month of December (19 events)”