WRY – World’s Responsible Youth

With great power comes great responsibility, which is why Miss Geller and Miss Green decided to use their ability to influence the minds of their impressionable readers by setting out to find “responsible youth” within the club. World Responsible Youth, aka WRY, greatly inspired Team Editorial. We aimed to find real-life examples of GBMs that proactively take steps to change the status quo and inspire the readers to do the same. Let’s have a look at what they have to say and try to take some of it home with us.

The youth are believed to bring about a drastic change in the country. Growing up, we learned about the importance of equality, fairness, freedom, raising your voice for justice, and so on. But in the true sense, we still lack behind in the execution of the same. Once traveling through the train, I noticed some kids were getting humiliated and taunted by two women as they were trying to scrounge some money. It went so far that the kids started crying, and a lady hit them. It was inadmissible to witness it and remain silent. I and other females finally broke our silence and took a stand for those girls who had done nothing wrong to be ill-treated. Those two women were taking pride in belittling those kids. That’s where racism comes into the picture. Discrimination, no matter how small, is wrong. It’s crucial to bring about a change in the mindset of society for the development of a country. Not just as a youth but as human beings, we must speak up against injustice. You can make a change; even a small change can make a big difference, so don’t be afraid to speak up.

~Rtr. Vinti Rajani 

Youth represents a powerful tool that will represent the future. As a member of this force, the least I can do is donate my time and abilities to help those in need as one of my meaningful and responsible actions, which not only benefits those in need but also fosters my sense of duty, empathy, and social awareness. Also, I use my voice to speak out in support of causes that are important to me, whether locally in their school, college, or neighborhood or globally through social media and other venues. It is a matter of significance to understand our responsibilities as youth and play our part for the good of society.

~Rtr. Diya Chawla

We the change, We the Youth 

Youth is the future of everything we believe needs to change. We are the force known as change. As a result, I believe it is preferable to assume responsibility. We need to make sure that we use freedom, space, and rights wisely, not just for ourselves but also for the community. I believe the present youth should be carefully autonomous and mindful. As the internet has turned every page, it’s more important than ever for young people to know where to draw the line. Nowadays, it is recommended to build the world digitally, but cautiously. As a responsible young person, I promise to use all of my rights wisely and for the benefit of humanity.

~Rtr. Dhruvi Ghosalkar

“In the Name of Youth,” Youth is a five-letter word that holds unparalleled power within it. It doesn’t just encompass an age bracket but the brackets that define, redefine, and shape every ounce of what you call your present or your future. We often disassociate ourselves by terming us GEN-Z, GEN-X, and the Millennials, but we often forget that the youngest worker at Google currently is a 19-year-old, the youngest scientist working for top companies is a 12-year-old, and the list can go on. We each play a significant role in impacting each other’s lives, and not everyone can be a renowned leader or a famous surgeon, but what we all can be is responsible citizens. If we each decide to mold the patriarchy, renew the right directions, choose the development path, and renounce peace in its truest form, then we are nothing less than the good, old or young, GEN-Z or GEN-X; responsible youth leaders of the time!

~Rtr. Palak Sharma

In today’s time, when the world is still going through all the life-altering changes, the one constant change that goes on is our youth. The next generation and the future of our civilization are in their hands. They are the ones who will take the torch and carry it on, bringing light to each individual and this world. As the youth of this nation, it is our responsibility to take over from our predecessors and make this world even better than it is now. to make it a safer, greener, and livelier place for future generations to reside in. to save the world from all its different, heart-breaking atrocities and make it into something we’re proud to call home. We are the responsible youth, entitled to the task of making this happen. We are the ones who shall pass down this legacy, with the hopes of the next generation surpassing even our achievements. We are the youth, divided by nations and united by our responsibility towards humanity.

~Rtr. Tausif Patel


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