Miss Geller and Miss Green welcome our loyal readers to the 2023 season! As the club’s Editors, we have decided to emphasize the critical components and reach of Editorial in the real world, to help students and GBMs learn and excitingly adapt them. With this in mind, we started working on this initiative, ‘Incognito,’ which allows our GBMs to become ghostwriters and send us their entries. To maintain the mystery, all images featured in this blog are from our recent January event, Clash of Clans. Happy reading!


Shunning away the things I once loved,

Now questioning why I liked them even?

Do I call this one growth?

Or (still) just indecisive about what I’m needing?

Think I find it exciting,

Of not knowing who I am;

Think I love the pain,

Think I’m masochistic that way.

Found comfort in blaming them,

Blaming them for not understanding me,

But how do I deal with knowing-

That it was me who failed me?

I cling on to changes,

How “immature” of me to repeatedly make the wrong choices;

But it’s a choice I made for once,

Felt smug for some and then immediately, “not enough.”

I think my “loved ones” found it amusing,

To see me all over the place, losing;

But (finally) I realized I’ve had enough,

Enough of the phases.

~ Anonymous.

Baatein Ankahi

Sab kehte hai, “Waqt ke saath sab badal jaayega!”

Badlega toh nhi, magar waqt ke saath mera pyaar zaroor bad jaayega,

Har kisi ki zindagi mein tere jaisa koi hona chahiye,

Aur tu best hai yeh baat tujhe pata honi chahiye,

Mujhe hasana kaise hai? – yeh bas tujhe hi pata hai,

Meri pareshaaniyon ko bas ek tu hi jhel paya hai,

I know bahut cheesy ho gaya but kabhi kabhi chalta hai,

Cause thoda special feel karne ka haq tera bhi toh banta hai.

~ Anonymous.

The Final Good Bye

I remember the time when I was happy in life,

Back in the days when I said no lies.

What happened to that child I wonder,

Locked somewhere inside, he cries.

That innocent smile, that pure laughter,

All lost somewhere, back in the older chapter.

Life is so fake now, reality seems none,

All these feelings I have, only to have them shunned.

I turn a blind eye to the sorrows I face,

The pain I encounter, the life in disgrace.

I can’t hide from this world, it isn’t so loving,

I put on a mask, and continue to feel nothing.

Maybe that’s what’ll help me to keep going ahead,

To face the life I loved, but now that I dread.

To wake up another day, and not let out a cry,

As my heart turns cold until I get to say my final goodbye.

~ Anonymous.

A Note of Love

Mera dil bas mein nahi aata,

Main hosh mein nahi aata,

Woh hota hai jab saamne,

Toh koi aur nazar nahi aata.

Yun toh lagta hoon masroof sabko main har waqt,

Mere zehen mein ek uske siwa koi aur khayal nahi aata.

~ Anonymous.

What my first love meant to me?

I am not claiming I never had a girlfriend before, but I do not think I ever fell in love. She was the hand of light to pick me up from the darkness. She was the one; whom I needed at the time; I am sorry things did not work out, but I am not sorry it happened to me. For me, ‘to leave her’ – was the hardest decision; I made but a very important one.

To my ex-love: Do not feel sad that I am gone, and don’t cry over me – I am not worth it, just get in touch with yourself and reality, and trust me when I say, ‘I am there when you need me.’ I now may not be your boyfriend; I am the person you used to call at 3 am to talk about a giant spider in your room staring at you.

Soon the time will start passing quickly, and you might feel like you want to call me but I need you to be strong, I am not worth the attention.

For me you weren’t just a person, you were my home, the person I could rant to for hours, talk to without a topic for eternity, the one who saw a side of me that I hide now.

If the people in my life saw how I was they would not believe it was me, I changed for the good of forgetting you and I need you to do the same, but that does not mean that I have forgotten you as a whole, I remember everything from the walks we took on the talking stages to the first kiss, the way you busted into the pig-style laughter at my stupidly lame jokes.

I am proud of the progress you made with me on your side and the ones you kept on making every day; even though I am not by your side anymore, I want you to work like you used to.

Maybe the time isn’t right now, and maybe things have changed out of this multiverse, but I want us to be together in every other world. And who knows the future, if the time is right, we’ll complete the endless trips and moments we planned together.

This is dedicated to my first true love.

P.S. You are an angel, I will tell my kids about.

~ Anonymous

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