RCKC Wrapped’22

Miss Geller and Miss Green are in a mood to end this year with a warm wrap of a flashback to all GBMs who attended ‘Twisted Pages’ – an Editorial initiative based on a Blind Book Date. Our fellow GBMs who showed up for this extraordinary event creatively flaunted their talent. What they exactly did, is something you all want to know!

Found something close to resembling love at last,

Just when the dusk settled, barges in my past

Love turned into hate,

My asset turned into my liability

Just as she left, so did my loving ability

Threw me away like garbage cause I had a poor dad

Now I have what her so-called ‘Rich’ dad never had.

~ Rtr. Kabir Agarwal, Rtr. Jayesh Wadwani, Rtr. Mariam Memon

I called my gift a curse

Was when it all started,

Being called a monster

Was when it all started

My touch was called lethal

Was when it all started

Realizing I was their weapons

That was when I wanted to stop all.

Soon after that, I realized

No one’s curse

Just that I was more than a human,

It was their jealousy,

and they made me feel my touch was lethal;

but it was my identity.

No more, I am a weapon of theirs;

but now they’ll need a defense to fight back against me.

~ Rtr. Manthan Kshatriya 

Robert saw it the moment he opened his eyes. It would be obvious; to anyone who slept in the bed. It was out of his reach. Wobbling, almost falling, he finally managed to trap it, but even Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo, and Da Vinci guarded a breathtaking and historical secret.

They all went together to watch Alex Rider’s performance. The moment they laid eyes on Alex Rider, most of the teenagers but; they felt like they were invincible – not the idea of being invincible superman. The kind of invincible that tricks you into thinking tomorrow might be a better day to start chasing your dreams or an advantage where you have an extra ten minutes to get somewhere when you don’t. And while there’s a lot that doesn’t know at my age, what I do know is this: “What some feel take for granted, others are fighting for, and believe me, I’m a fighter!”.

~ Rtr. Arpita Saha and Rtr. Meet Jain

Maybe, the Coffee gets Cold.

Sydney is enjoying a great life in Tokyo with a wonderful boyfriend, Hunter, and her best friend, Tori. She eventually discovers that Hunter is cheating on her. To decide her next move; and to have some space, Sydney visits a hundred-year-old cafe in a small back alley of the city. Sydney then discovers the unique experience that the place offers along with serving coffee: The chance to travel back in time. She uses this offer to travel back to the time when everything in her life, including her relationship, was perfect.

But this journey into the past does not come without risks. There are a few conditions to this offer:

One must sit in a particular seat,

One cannot leave the cafe and;

Finally, one must return to the present before the coffee gets cold.

After spending a good time with him, she starts noticing the red flags that she ignored that led to him cheating. She decides to go to the neighborhood party that; she hadn’t attended to catch Hunter as he would be cheating on her with her best friend, Tori, and confront them both. At this party, she overheard her neighbor Ridge and Maple. Ridge professed his love for Sydney and how he could never bond with her because of her boyfriend. Sydney catches her boyfriend and best friend in the act red-handed and ends up breaking up with both of them. She realizes to; get back to the present time before the coffee gets cold, but in a hurry leaves her scarf behind. In the present, she comes back just in time. And as the waiter comes to take her empty cup, she notices that it’s her scarf around his neck. She looks up to find a charming smile presented by the handsome neighbor Ridge. Even though Sydney traveled back in the past, her present didn’t change, but now that she has met Ridge, her future just might.

~ Rtr. Diya Chawla

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