Exchanging Collars!

Miss Monica Geller and Miss Rachel Green are back with some spicy updates on the few monthly activities of our Board of Directors. We’ve been secretly spying on our fellow mates to get you the best of teas. Where they’ve been in these days? What did they do during the period of “Collar Exchanging” month? We got answers to all of it. The President of the Rotaract Club of K.C. College got the idea of attending the installation ceremony of other clubs. Let’s see how well it has impacted our BODs.

The journey of Success begins with a Vision.


Although I was hesitant to attend one at first, having the prenotion of it being boring. But now that I’ve marked a few, I accept that I was wrong with all my grace. Going to other clubs’ installations was an eye-opener and one of the best methods for networking. I saw so many various ways of people conducting their installations; also, I met so many new people and made bonds with many of my batchmates.

~ Rtr. Hriday Jain

By far, I attended three installations. The first one was of Rotaract club of Western Elite at Goregaon. And the other two were the Rotaract club of Andheri and NM College at Santacruz. It was the first time; I heeded someone else’s installation; looking at the team and the directors getting inducted. At each of them, we would meet new people; this was a perfect chance to socialize with our batchmates. We wished them the best for the year. In this entire process of attending the collar exchange ceremonies, there was a sudden excitement for our upcoming induction ceremony.

~ Rtr. Tanisha Khimavat

All the installations were extremely welcoming. I loved RCNM’s ambiance and energy. By attending these incoming ceremonies, I got to network a lot. For example, I met other clubs’ Presidents, their hierarchy, and my fellow batchmates. I enjoyed every club’s incoming and outgoing ceremony. It was not only motivating but goal thriving.

~ Rtr. Om Desai

The installations have been nothing but empowering. Honestly, I never really understood the purpose of having everyone attend the induction ceremony of multiple clubs; since I have been to quite a few, I truly believe how enlightening and emancipating they can be. Getting to listen to all the knowledge and experiences of the other, more experienced Rotaractors is a blessing to be a part of this movement. Their experiences and words of wisdom have given me nothing but motivation to achieve the impossible. As a director, I loved how openly welcoming and understanding they are of us.

~ Rtr. Sharvari Sahasrabudhe

Attending other club installations was fun got to know the work of other presidents and their past year’s teamwork. The best part of the installation was the themes and incoming and outgoing videos of the president that gave us reasons why one should experience being a president. It not just motivated us; but also made us more focused on our ambition for the year.

~ Rtr. Shashank Salvi

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