Jab We Met vs. Jab We Now

Monica Geller & Rachel Green are the new handlers of this world. We’ve got some exciting and interesting tea for all our dear readers. We are famous for our dynamic duos but do you know their equation? What happened when these different personalities met each other? What was their first impression? Is everything the way it looks like?

Palak & Jamshed

Our Rotaract journey began back in 2018.

Palak: Jamshed and I began our Rotaract journeys together in 2018. We shared a despised relationship. Mr. RCKC of 2018 could never remember I’m a coordinator too, and well I refused to accept him and his famous persona (pun intended). 

Jamshed: Palak and I, we’re more like Tom and Jerry.

Palak: Time passed by, we became directors of our respective avenues and the bickering continued, but our tolerance towards each other expanded. Cue to our 2020 President, Sajni thinking these two could do wonders as a team, the Boss Babies quarreled, fought, cried, laughed, but most importantly sat for hours straight on zoom and created a legacy of their own! 

Jamshed: We’ve been best friends and she’s been like my support system for me. From Co-Coordinators, and Co-Directors to being Secretaries and then PresSec and now her leading the club, she has been a perfect example of how a leader should be.

Palak: To the PresSec bonding we’d hoped for, to the teams we’ve been in and out of, to the disagreements and adjustments, and lastly, to the ever-increasing love and respect for each other; it’s a friendship to cherish!

Jamshed: I don’t know what would I do without her. She should know that I’ll always support her no matter what.

“A Dynamic duo who work well together can be worth any three people working in isolation.”

~ Larry Constantine
Meet & Vamika

Meet: The very first interaction of mine with Vamika was for a video shoot for the club at Magari Cafe. I still remember how much we laughed while the owner himself was recording 😂

Vamika: Meet and I met at a cafe for the first time to shoot a video, and don’t get me started on how much we laughed. He then offered to drop me back home, which warmed my heart.

Meet: So, Jab We Met I didn’t think that one day we would be working as Co-VPs! Our bond has grown so much in the past few months after PS that now Vamika is my most frequently contacted.

Vamika: Our relationship has grown from being acquaintances to knowing everything about each other and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. (Even for a million dollars, but now that I think about it)

Meet: She’s the jolliest person I have ever met.

Vamika: He practically listens to my rant at least twice or thrice a day, and I’m supposed to be the future therapist. I couldn’t have asked for a better Co-VP; I’ll forever be grateful for the love and support he’s showered me with.

Meet: Just be with her for an hour and you’ll have a smile on your face or a brownie on your plate! I hope my bond with Bruno doesn’t overtake Vamika 🤪

Vamika: Not a single day goes without us annoying each other, but isn’t that the part and parcel of a good friendship? I hope he smiles when he reads this blog and sends me a gift haha ❤️

“Together we will be Unstoppable.”

~Eoin Colfer
Dhruvi & Nishka

Nishka: On the day of the Director’s release on the GBM, I was especially excited to know my co-director for Editorial as I for one had never imagined myself being at the post for this avenue!

Dhruvi: The very first interaction with Nishka was on the last GBM 21-22 when my name was announced as the Editor for the year 22-23. 

Nishka: When Dhruvi’s name got announced, I was clueless about who she was, because I had never met her before in any events whatsoever. I was a little nervous about how to go about it, as I was unsure how we both would bond.

Dhruvi: I clearly remember I was so surprised by this as I never expected to become a bod; that I hardly had a conversation with her on this… later back home she texted me, “Hey! I am Nishka your co-editor we should start knowing each other…” that’s how it all started.

Nishka: However, it has only been a month and the constant assurance that Dhruvi has always given me has made me realize that no matter what, we’re gonna get through it as long as we have each other

Dhruvi: It’s been a month since I know this girl and I can confidently state that we surely have an encouraging bond with each other, we genuinely have the same things in our mind which doesn’t let anything go wrong… I know that no matter how difficult our schedules get we will surely be there for each other! 🤍

Nishka: I know for a fact that this bond will only strengthen more over time, which makes me even more excited for what’s to come.

“Let Today be the Start of Something New!”


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