Arey, poora saal chala gaya and pata bhi nahi chala.”

Don’t we hear this all the time? We don’t even realize where moments actually fly away until it’s time to open the memory chest of our minds. Seems like so much work, doesn’t it? But fear not dear friends because; can we have some drum rolls please; because Team Detectives along with Miss Walls are back with our nostalgic research on all of your memories. Want to be let on a secret? I included Miss Walls’ name because she was staring at me, ready to poke my eyes out of my head. Well, Miss Walls, we are talking about good memories so shu with the violence!

Miss Walls smiles innocently at me, as if she wasn’t just planning a murder. Glancing at the bucket of memories beside her, she then asks us “Isn’t it interesting how people are having a good day and then all of a sudden, it becomes the best day ever?”

I know we are supposed to say yes but judging by the look Miss Walls is giving us, curiosity takes over me instead and I ask “what’s the catch?”

Miss Walls looks down, then smiles. “Aliraza Adenwala,” she says joyfully. Well, let’s check what he has to say!

“The time I was called out of the blue as the best GBM 20-21. Minutes before, I was given my badge for Sports Director was the best moment of my life.”

Say it now, say it loud RCKC in the crowd, Yesterday went away, it's RCKC's brand new day

Just as The Detectives were starting to relish in this beautiful memory, Miss Walls’ shouts of delight interrupted their daydreaming “There’s more!” she exclaims. 


“The times I was called out for my energy at the OCV. The one moment when completely blind individuals during an event could recognize me just by my voice. Watching the glow in the eyes of children at Nanhe Sitare. Watching people who never danced absolutely jamming with their buds during Silent Zumba. I could go on and on” -Rtr. Aliraza Adenwala.

Way to go Ali! His positive spirit is definitely shining brightly upon us, and everyone around him. 

Grinning in awe, Team Detectives now look very eager to unfold more of these souvenirs of delightful moments.

Now, Miss Walls, as nosy as ever, couldn’t help herself but ask us “You detectives! Do you like practicing together?” We Detectives inevitably side eye her. Well, we do love each other, but practices? Why the personal attack, Miss Walls? 

Receiving the silent message from our glances, She looks awfully proud as she directs her hands towards the opposite direction “Look, look!” she giggles.

Every practice of MAM and RED is my favorite memory. Also, the meetings for planning and execution of our events.” – Rtr. Zeel Shah.


We Detectives smile at each other knowingly, “She’s one of us. And we sure have many, many people loving the zabardast josh of MAM and RED.”

“What about the times when people were overwhelmed with friendships formed in RCKC?” Miss Walls’ sneaky ways to get all the gossip updates doesn’t get away from us.

“RCKC is about friendship and memories!” The Detectives grin. Well, while we are on the topic of friendships, we would love to share Soha Deshmukh’s experience. 

Every moment spent in RCKC is my favourite memory. However, if I had to choose one it would be the days when I used to go for admission duty. We used to spend the entire time in McDonald’s or in college helping people with their admission processes but the reason this is my favourite memory is because I made the most solid and concrete friendships. It was during these days that I came even closer to Kavya, we realised there is so much more that’s common between us then we thought. I became best friends with Jamshed but more importantly we got to know each other really well. If it weren’t for admission duty, I don’t know if I would’ve been able to trust and bond with him the way I did. I laughed at the silliest of things with Faika and Mehek! These girls are now my soul sisters.”  -Rtr. Soha Deshmukh.

Timeless bonds and real friendship! Miss Walls looks nearly in tears as she stares at Team Detectives and admits almost shyly, “We have become notable companions as well.” This admission surely shocked us, but we also are in agreeable awe. RCKC has been amazingly eventful by giving us memories for the scrapbook of our lives. These are the memories we love and would cherish forever as the highlight of our youth. 

But Miss Walls had to spoil this shared moment of a new budding harmony. 

“You know who had fun in Camphoria?” Being the impatient kind, she cannot wait for us to guess as she reveals “Shashank Salvi”

“The event Camphoria by Team Club Service was my first solo trip. I met a bunch of people who became my family and the memories I had with them were amazing. I will always cherish those moments for life. -Rtr. Shashank Salvi


Team Detectives are in regret with our behinds on fire because we are certainly so jealous right now! We missed the opportunity of going to Camphoria. Well better luck next time detectives!

As we continue sharing the bucket of memories, Team Detectives certainly has more to add on

“Do you know what Mr. RCKC has to say?”

Miss Walls motions her hand in a non verbal gesture, as if seeming impatient for us to carry on with our bit of scoop. 

“In the beginning, I was a shy kid. However, since joining Rotaract I’ve become much more open and confident in myself and my abilities.” -Rtr. Bhavya Agarwal.

There are many people with the potential to capture the world but are shy, and need a push in the right direction to project their accomplished light onto the screen of this world. We are glad RCKC is a platform which urges people out of their couches, fills in the opportunities and gives them their daily dosage of smiles and giddiness! 

We want to share many more such memories with everyone but sadly, Miss Walls has a job to do. So, we decide on an open space to reminisce and share these timeless moments of joy. .

We assume you also do have an endless list of memories of your own here at RCKC, and would share some of them with us because, sometimes you don’t realize how good the old days were until they’re gone. But sharing and storing them in this capsule which can be opened anytime you want, might just make you smile once again in the long ride. 

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We are a non-profit organization dedicated towards serving the community, helping individuals in developing their personalities, travelling miles and spreading smiles. Our parent Rotary is the Rotary Club of Bombay Queen City and we fall under the Rotaract District 3141 and currently ranked 2nd best Club across Mumbai.

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