The Epistles of Rotaract

Warm Rotaract Greetings!

Isn’t that something we’ve been hearing for years now? Well, IPDRR Rtr. Ojas Joshi surely confirmed this in his outgoing speech at the 54th District Assembly and AARA Night. Yes, yes, the detectives of Team Editorial have done their research. We noticed how everyone could not help but let out a chuckle and nod their heads to it proving the accuracy of our theory. Rotaract as a family has been growing for several, marvelous years and nothing has ever dampened our spirit and ardour for ‘Fellowship through service’. We’ve always believed in forging new relationships with people by serving the community. 

New beginnings are always exciting and thrilling for everyone, especially when one has gracious things to look forward to. Now, you might wonder, what do we have in our bag, this year from Rotaract Club of K.C. College? As the ones to carry forward the Rotaract fervour, we sat outside our batchmates’ porch too and asked them what they were reaching out and joining hands, this year for. No, we are detectives. We did not do that but we surely tipped Miss Walls to do an inside job as we all know, walls have ears, too. To the littlest of our surprise, we found many colours running through our Rotaractors’ blood.

 Before we dive into the passion of our team, let’s have a look at what our luminary, our President, Rtr. Jamshed Chaina has to say. 

“As a president, this year I look forward to having an amazing and a wonderful year with my team and making loads and loads of memories. RCKC has given me a lot in terms of skills, personally, development, friends and tons of memories that I will cherish for life, and now I think, it is time for me to give back in return and make this year a very successful one, in spite of the running pandemic and the challenges we face.”

– Rtr. Jamshed Chaina.

What an inspiring start to not only this blog, but also our Rotaract Year! Let’s remind ourselves that as much as we feel mesmerized and proud by the elaboration of our President’s plans for this year, it does not end here.

As we were tiptoeing our way trying to be the best detectives in our Rotaract colony, we found some interesting statements by our co-directors. They probably should have “followed our lead” when we asked them to use accurate grammar for the rest of the year and speak softly about their future plans, since walls have ears, too.

With that, let’s jump into the statements.
Our first suspect for the day is our International Service Director, Rtr. Faika Dalvi.
The detectives will now be rolling the tape.

I’m looking forward to more on-ground events; and to be specific, the events we missed out on last year like Prom, Camphoria, Trek, Cotillion, Aye Haalo etc. These are the kind of events that help us strike things off of our bucket list. Last but not the least, then comes celebrating festivals together like holi, navratri, etc”

– Rtr. Faika Dalvi.
2019 PROM
2019 TREK

As we were about to express our thoughts on the previous statement, Miss Walls brought us another one. Proving how cultured Miss Walls is, she mocked Khalid’s voice as she said “Another one.” In our defense, we didn’t know this side of hers. Anyway, let’s roll another clip. 

I think for me, I look forward to being an amazing Board of Director for 2021-22, at least a few months of offline events would make my year!”

Rtr. Soha Deshmukh.

Wow, our second suspect, Community Service Director, Rtr. Soha Deshmukh, is surely on similar lines with our first suspect. With big ambitions and offline ones, more importantly, our peers have surely decided to live upto the history and make sure that along with giving their best, they are definitely going to have a little fun with everything.

If you still don’t believe us, our third suspect, Sports Director Rtr. Ali Raza Adenwala proved our theory right with his own words. Miss Walls told us that this one was a little difficult to note down since there were a bunch of points made. 

  • “I look forward to working while being the best at it and surely not giving up.
  •  I want to have all my challenges completed by myself. 
  • Hypothetically, if I were to have every reason to quit, I still would not dare to give up. 
  • I look forward to this year bringing international peace and the vaccines working effectively to curb the Coronavirus!”

Every jaw in the room was dropped listening to the fellow director’s strong words. By every jaw we mean, ours, just the two but it was enough. While we were completely shaken up, Miss Walls yet did not fail to give us the ‘Told you so’ look. As the sun started setting, it was time for the Detectives to go back into the hiding and quietly make new theories.

But before that, let’s lend our ears to the last two recordings for the day. Roll the tapes for our Vice Presidents, Rtr. Aditi Sharma and Rtr. Murtaza Ujjainwala.

“When it comes to jotting down what I look forward to in this year, I would start off with my professional life. As a Vice President, the most important thing I look forward to is to be the best and perfect Vice President for all my Board Of Directors. I hope to share my piece of experience with them so that I can help them be the best version of themselves. I’ll consider my year successful if each of my Directors think they’ve had growth. In my personal life I am looking forward to continuing a few relationships which are very important to me in the best way possible. I look forward to new opportunities and making fruitful decisions for my career.”

Rtr. Aditi Sharma,

“As a Vice President, I look forward to achieving everything that is best for this club and pulling off the best projects walking towards success. Adding onto that, one of my strongest wishes is to guide all the Board of Directors to become the future leaders. I desire to teach the directors everything there is to learn about Rotaract and I’m ready to make my mark by giving my best and making this year a success with grand projects and smiles.”

Rtr. Murtaza Ujjainwala.

What a perfect end to our investigation, isn’t it? Well, let’s start working on the next theory and Miss Walls, you know who to keep your eyes on. One thing Team Detectives has learnt from this investigation is that the only crime Rotaractors are proven to be guilty of, is having marvelous plans and knowing how to execute all of it. 

Well, well, well, the Detectives of Team Editorial will be around. Till then, stay guilty, use proper grammar and keep making theories. 

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We are a non-profit organization dedicated towards serving the community, helping individuals in developing their personalities, travelling miles and spreading smiles. Our parent Rotary is the Rotary Club of Bombay Queen City and we fall under the Rotaract District 3141 and currently ranked 2nd best Club across Mumbai.

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