How Well Do You Know Them?

Presenting to you,

Rtr. Khushal Nandekar’s poem for Rtr. Bharat Anchawale.

Bharat’s Quest
-Khushal Nandekar
This is the story of Anchawale, Bharat

Boy was his love live stuck in a rut

He sit around on his computer all day

But he couldn’t approach a girl and say hey
Soon all his buddies would stop play CS

They all found love and wouldnt take his BS

And hence he took a solemn vow,

“I’m gonna get me a girl right now”
His mates cheered! Buoyant and merry

They’d all find him the girl he’d marry

He showered, wore a suit and looked sharp!

He was on a date with a girl who played the harp.
He took her to a fancy restaurant, haa sachi!

It was far away from his home in Mahalaxmi.

They made conversation, I guess it was alright

But he spilled his drink, and he screwed up the night.
He’s lost all hope, why would this happen?

He a great guy, but life had to slap him

It seemed like it would never be fine

But then something insane just happened online. 
A beautiful maiden had matched with his tinder 

He asked, “oh lord, could you be any kinder” 

They hit it off, this girl was absolutely amazing!

She also played Dota, BHARAT couldnt stop appraising
Soon Bharat was ready to ask the dreaded question,

Ekta, be my girlfriend and let’s cut this tension.

And lo and behold! She said, “of course Anchawale”

But just a thing, we must never meet, I pray.
Bharat was shocked! How could she do this?

She didn’t give a reason, and that made him furious.

He thought to himself, I don’t need this hate

I’ll easily find someone with whom I can mate.
Alas! The world wouldn’t give him a break!

The girls were cruel, and they didn’t like his snake

And this brings his journey to an abrupt end,

No matter what he did, he’d end up with his e-girlfriend.


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