How Well Do You Know Them?

Presenting to you,

Rtr. Animesh Mehta’s article about Rtr. Sara Jain.

You’re cool? But are you Sara Jain fellowship affiliation level cool?

Hear me out if you want to be, I’m  trading these secrets for some Redbull. 
First things first, give it all you got (borrow it from your cute next door neighbour if you must) but what should define you is an infinite and undying devotion to hoodies from H&M if you want to be anywhere near her. They’re her favourite things in the world. 
We all know what the say about cool peope, they aren’t usually fans of Justin Bieber. But this cool kid, in-her-head, Mrs. Bieber will give all the ultimate Beliebers a run for their money.
Besides the Justin Bieber obsession, she’s one really classy little thing, you know. But what I’m also telling you is that the crass sight of her sweeping all the sleaze balls off her life is a magnificent one to behold too.
For somebody with so little height and so much soul, she is one of the most dedicated person that Rotaract has ever seen. 

We’ve been directors for Professional Development simultaneously and now as club ambassadors together, her hardwork and passion never fails to amaze me.

From being together as ACLs in RED together I could only believe that she leaves a little part of her heart in everything she does.
Long story short, once we heard she went for a sutta break with a few friends but nobody returned except for her. They say she killed everybody with her swag!

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