Reality Check.

As a baby girl they planned to send me to a man,
I couldn’t escape even when I said, “I can”.
They chased me in the midst and in a prison I was locked,
After bearing all the injustice from my family, I was shocked.
Later, on a day, my parents bid me a bye,
Being with an aged man, I was very shy.
He harassed me and badly I was abused,
He felt I was a doll and like it I was used.
Even a doll is not so badly played with,
He didn’t act like a lamp, my life was unlit.
Like a candle, I slowly started to melt,
My feelings and pain, by no one were felt.
I was daily touched, undressed and hit,
He didn’t have mercy and never did he quit.
Whole night I bleeded and cried,
Somewhere then, my throat was dried.
I couldn’t speak nor could I walk,
I didn’t have my mom beside me to cry to or talk.
I couldn’t confide, my grievances couldn’t share,
For me, life acted truly unfair.
A baby girl then, now grew old,
Even now, my rights, my worth I couldn’t hold.
I truly regret to be born as a baby girl,
All I do now is sit, cry and curl.

Even now, men often show their brutality,
Still, a woman is cursed for her sexuality,
Why doesn’t the society come and check the reality?

-Rtr. Keya Jagirdar.

(Joint Editor, RCKC)

Published by rckceditorial

We are a non-profit organization dedicated towards serving the community, helping individuals in developing their personalities, travelling miles and spreading smiles. Our parent Rotary is the Rotary Club of Bombay Queen City and we fall under the Rotaract District 3141 and currently ranked 2nd best Club across Mumbai.

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