November Summaries.

Prom – The Night of Meraki – This is the most awaited event of the year where we saw a total of 161 Rotaractors. Just like every year, it got better! The people enjoyed themselves to the fullest. Fun, entertainment, dance, music, bonds, love, happiness, etc. Prom never fails to make someone experience all of it.
Anti Corruption Awareness Drive – Our Club conducted this event in collaboration with the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Thane Maharashtra to highlight corruption on account of the Vigilance Awareness Week. Through a series of Flashmobs and a play, the members conveyed their thoughts to Stop Corruption. It threw light ove the current scenario regarding Corruption and tried to create awareness for the same.
Art Mela – The event was successful in achieving its aim. The participants were made to draw and showcase their talent in fine arts. Their skills in the form of art was clearly visible through this event.

This event was held to provide a platform to rotaractors to showcase their artistic skills and were made to draw according to their choice. 
Controversies – This event was successful not only in provided knowledge and a better understanding about these cases among the audience but also helped to enhance their skills such as confidence, communication, debating, risk management, etc. Everybody present took an active part in the discussions. The speakers were happy to see the audience asking questions and giving inputs on each case. So the event was successful in achieving it’s aim.
Flaunt It – This project was held to provide a stage for the participants to present their talent or rather “Flaunt”. A total of 35 participants performed various talents like – live canvas painting, dramatics, beat boxing, etc. The event witnessed new talents that needed a little exposure. It was a thoroughly enjoyed and loved event!
Happiness Hour – The project saw participation of 104 clubs from 51 districts spread across 29 countries in 5 continents. Through the initiative, we were successful in reaching out to more than 4000 underprivileged and orphaned children across the globe enabling them a new experience and making a difference in their lives. The kids were elated and excited when rotaractors visited them. Many clubs have pledged to frequently visit the kids.

Model Indian Parliamentary Sessions 2016 – The event saw a total of 50 young Indians eagerly participating in the chance of being the decision making for the country. We saw our very own interactors who were enthusiastically competing with participants elder to them. This event gave a boost to the confidence not only to the participants but Executive board on the other side of the desk. Rtr Rhea Kanchan the Vice Chair for Rajya Sabha has only 3 MUNs only which is actually too less for being the EB Member but the MIPS Team wanted her to experience a new endeavor. We also had Rotarians coming in the sessions and guiding our participants giving them a plethora of knowledge and smart decision making. 
Start Up Wall – The event saw many rotaractors coming up with their doubts on entrepreneurial aspects and start up ventures and this event allowed them the opportunity to put up the questions and doubts in the form of sticky notes and sticking up on the mount board. With this event, we could get a vast array of views about entrepreneurship and know everyone’s opinion about the same. 
Jung – E – Throwball – The event saw a total of 7 teams participating and playing aganist each other with the team spirit. Throwball is a team sport and makes players of team play as a group player and not individuals, Participants were satisfied as it was tough day on the ground but they went through it and learnt some new tricks.
Photogab – This particular event conducted by our Editorial Team, saw a total of 23 participants who were able to channelize their inner ideas while portraying the painting by coming up with beautiful interpretations. The event has enhanced the thinking skills of the rotaractors along with their creativity.

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We are a non-profit organization dedicated towards serving the community, helping individuals in developing their personalities, travelling miles and spreading smiles. Our parent Rotary is the Rotary Club of Bombay Queen City and we fall under the Rotaract District 3141 and currently ranked 2nd best Club across Mumbai.

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