Month of May (25 events)

1)Farmers Empowerment Campaign:

They work day and night for us, what is our way of reciprocation to their hardwork?

The Rotaract Club of K.C. College initiated Farmers Empowerment Campaign, to eradicate the problem and the terrible consequences of drought in the summers faced by the farmers. It was launched by Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr. Devendra Fadnavis at Mantralaya along with State Education Minister Mr. Vinod Tawde and within few days it was declared nationwide as the first state level campaign initiated by students.

2)Sir Dhruneal Says:

Our most loved member in the club Rtr. Dhruneal Ved, shared his experiences, fun-filled stories and memorable Rotaract times with the entire club along with a touch of humour, using our social networking medium — WhatsApp and Facebook reaching out to everyone Rotaractor for a dose of laughter!

3)Human Trafficking Awareness:

This particular event was an online event where people could send in their views regarding the increase in human trafficking and what measure could we take to stop the same.The main aim was to create awareness amongst the youth about human trafficking and how they should be safe and alert all the time.

4)Fun Photo walk:

We decided to call out a fun photo walk for all the aspiring photographers who could portray a story through their pictures on a lovelySunday filled with peace and relaxation. This event basically wanted to go deep into the thoughts of a photographer.  A lot of people these days are obsessed with clicking pictures that probably tells a story. So we at The rotaract club of KC college thought of taking young aspiring photographers on a photowalk.

5)Avenue Committee Members- An HRD Initiative:

Right from the coordinator system to event task force system, members have been given chances to organise mega initiatives for the club as everyone deserves a chance to help the society through their skills.This year with the membership of RCKC breaking all records the HRD team introduced a system of Avenue Committee Members.

6)Blood Donation Drive:

This was an event which aimed to conduct a drive that could not only help to get effective blood donors for Nair Hospital but also increase awareness about the scarcity of blood during the summer. The feeling of donating blood that could help someone, is one of the few satisfactory feelings in our existence.


With the enhanced breaking of the prejudice and the stereotypes, we came up with this event to allow each one of the participants to literally come out of their comfort zone and advertise products used by the opposite gender. This was done amidst our preconceived notions about everything and also the clichéd norms of our society.

8)Roshni 2016:

Roshni, a State Level Blind Cricket Tournament, conducted by our Sports Team with Cricket Association, was to give a chance to the underprivileged visually impaired cricket players to showcase their hidden talent and show the world that they’re no less than the normally talented sportsmen! Because passion, is all that matters!

9)PR for Farmers Empowerment Campaign:

The objective of this project was to publicise the event initiated by the Community Service known as “Farmers’ Empowerment Campaign”, which was held to help 10 drought prone region in Maharashtra and hence and had to be publicized on a large scale. With the help of more communication and socialization, it could reach out to as many people as possible for more such initiatives that could help the farmers of our country.

10)Say No To Tobacco:

The event was organised to observe World No Tobacco Day. Through the event, we aimed to convey the message that consuming tobacco in the form of cigarettes, cigars, snuff, e.t.c. is harmful and extremely dangerous. Moreover, consumption of a toxic element like tobacco can lead to chronic diseases like cancer. Thus, we intended to eradicate the use of tobacco by creating awareness.

11)Snooker’d it!:

Not much played, but always been a great game!Snooker is a cue sport played on a table covered with a green cloth or baize, with pockets. We initiated this event for the members to try out and experiment for new games and relish through joy!

12)Mumbai Nights:

Mumbai. A city that never sleeps. Full of dreams, full of joy, you enter the city and you’d wish you never go back elsewhere. People tend to live a wonderful life in Mumbai at night as well, but what about the labourers who work hard at night to make sure that we have newspapers, milk and various other necessities early in the morning. This event made the members visualise it, by a night out.

13)Pool Mania:

The main aim of this project was to support an International sport and a billiards game called Pool and encourage members to try out new games. We never know what our hidden talents are!

14)Voyage En Imagica:

Our annually fun driven project called “Voyage En Imagica” introduced by our Club Service Team, aims to enlighten the thrill within the youth by taking them for a trip to an amusement park at Mumbai-Pune Expressway- Adlabs Imagica.

15)House of Rotaract:

In order to continue the spirit of Rotaract, house systems were introduced in the movement. Various activities, events, competitions, inter house games were supposed to be conducted in order to introduce the spirit of competition among rotaractors of K.C.College.
This helped them to stay active throughout the year and boosted their confidence to conduct events and meetings of their houses.

16)Pride Without Prejudice:

This event was organized to observe the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOT). Through the event we aimed to change the typical thoughts and assumptions about homosexuals, transsexuals and bisexuals.


A project dedicated to our amazing alumni! The main aim of this project was to make our alumni’s feel remembered, loved, respected and assured about their permanent stay in the hearts of our Club. This was done through a facebook post which was uploaded and all our alumni’s were tagged for their respective awards.

18)PR for Pride Without Prejudice:

The objective of this project was to publicise the event initiated by the International service known as “Pride without Prejudice” which was an event which was held to observe International day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia and hence had to be publicised on a large scale. More people must know it, and have a better understanding and respect humanity as a whole.

19)Mafia Mania:

This was a PIS Event which was conducted to strengthen the bonds between our home club and our Alumnis through an informal platform of playing games like mafia , taboo etc. This gives a platform for relishing old memories and also excite the soul for more memories to be created.


Eklavya is an ongoing project held by our Community Service Team, to educate the poor sections of the society. It’s our responsibility to create a better world, a better society and most importantly, a better human being.

21)Lend A Hand:

Be the helping hand your country needs! Through this event, every first Sunday of a month, volunteers go to Chira bazaar at 8am, to distribute food to the poor and needy. A total of 150 people were fed.

22)Reckon of Gaming:

This event was held for all those gaming freaks out there, by letting them know about new games through a creation of a set of videos.
Videos were uploaded on our channel

23)PR for Roshni 2016:

For more people to be aware about the events and how it could help them, proper broadcasting is definitely required. The objective of this project was to publicize the event initiated by the Sports avenue known as “Roshni”, which was a state level blind cricket tournament and publicise it.

24)The QUEST-ion:

This event was done to thank the Parent Rotary Club for all the support they have given us throughout the year. A treasure hunt was conceptualized so that the Rotarians can take a day off and enjoy solving puzzles and clues all around South Mumbai.

25)Know My Rotaract:

Do you really know Rotaract well? What is Rotaract? By creating a small quiz, one will be able to understand the basics of Rotaract and Rotary by answering few simple questions.

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